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    About Us
    Elaeon is a small, four-person studio formed in January 2009 (although the members had been collaborating for years before then). It creates a variety of unique online communities, as well as classic style RPG videogames. The studio will, however, take on any type of project that we judge ourselves capable of.

    Why do we do it? Well we really have no idea. All of our full studio projects thus far have been produced for free, fuelled by advertisments that cost our users nothing more than a few moments of loading time. (Although, for anyone who wants to support us starving artists, the Elaeon Shops will get you something and support us!) We create most of our websites and projects independently, but do accept suggestions. It is worth noting, however, that if you'd like to try contracting us to create something, there's no harm in asking.

    The Elaeon Studio Core Team

    Scyoni- Studio Leader
    Scyoni is the leader and the founder of Elaeon Studios. She organizes most of the projects, manages them, handles studio recruitment, programming, some art, concepts, editing, public relations, and anything else associated with the studio that nobody is doing.

    Pumaconrad- Artist
    Puma is the main artist for most (if not all) Elaeon projects, doing everything from game sprites to character concepts. She has a unique art style that gives most Elaeon projects a signature look, and her creative designs are never the same.

    Khrysteen- Superhero
    Fighting evil at night, doing whatever we don't want to do by day, it's Khrysteen! Our official OddJobber, on call for various odds and ends of whatever nature happen to be required at the time. She proofreads, brainstorms, edits, searches, and slacks off on request.

    DrowDagger- Creative Cannon Fodder
    We'd rather our works didn't burn your eyes and make your brains explode, so we figured testing might be a good idea. We considered animal testing, but went a step lower and hired Drow- our official unoffical cannon fodder- I mean beta tester. Yah.

    There are a number of other members to Elaeon, and these project specific people are listed in their projects credits.

    Are you interested in joining Elaeon? We don't necessarily need you to have some kind of diploma, just a creative spirit and a willingness to learn!

    While we aren't -always- looking for new team members in every section, there's never any harm in asking! We will keep records of those who apply, and may contact them should a position open.

    Currently looking for: Community Moderators and Musicians

    Click here to apply.

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