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    So what is this game? Well, it's a strange hybrid of Harvest Moon, I Am Legend and Resident Evil, inspired by Max Brooks' Zombie Survival Guide.

    Zombies have started appearing around the region, and overrun Sean's hometown. He, and a party of numerous people, survive and find their way to the zombie survival base and from there, have 2 possible ways to win the game.

    Lame goal: Zombie only live about 5 years before decomposing (read the survival guide if you want to understand that) so if you live until year 6, you see the credits and allegedly win, but will be given the option to continue.

    Awesome goal: Build walls and liberate the cities in the region, ranging from a small mountain town to a large metropolis, and then eliminate the occupying zombies to created havens where other survivors will set up shops and enhance your arsenal and your safe zones. Once you've managed this, discover the reason behind the outbreak and develop a cure to give me a reason not to make a sequel.

    Decided Features:

    Multiple Save Slots
    You can save up to 50 files, and the save screen shows your party members, their levels and names, maps, map names, playtime, and your current cash.

    Numerous skills:
    Wood Cutting
    Basic Chemistry (making medicine)
    Crafting (things like ladders and rope that can help you explore, or weapons and armor to keep you alive)
    Fishing (you need food, yo)

    HP/EP system:
    Ever played Harvest Moon? Similar energy system.
    For those of you who haven't, EP is your energy points. You need them to use most skills, in and out of combat, and to do some slightly strenuous activities like riding a bike.

    Depending on who you have in your party when, and what you say during cutscenes some people will like you, and others will not. This can influence what they say to you as well as their actions when, say, they might have to save your life. =D Better mind your company, kids! Your relationships with others can impact still other relationships as well. (If you're really friendly with someone's girlfriend, they might not be happy with you~)

    Nobody really wants to run around on their feet all of the time. So, we've got vehicles in the works.
    Bike: Consumes energy but is fasting than Walking/Running
    Horse: Needs to be fed and if left alone at night may be targeted by Zombies. (Might take this one out...)
    Car: Consumes no energy, but gas, which is a rare commodity after a panic.

    Zombies Aren't Omniscient
    The zombies have a cone of vision and if you step inside of it a few omnious sounds let you know- YOU'VE BEEN FOUND! You have to run to another map (out of the area, into a building, etc.) to get off of their radar. If they run into you, you can fight or try to get away.

    More or less a given, but not recognizable to anyone who knows the game engine. The familiar 'Critical hit' has, for obvious reasons, been replaced by a 100% effective headshot, no matter the weapon.

    Monsters On the Map:
    I don't think random encounters in this sense would make much sense. O.o So the zombies appear on the map and you know when they're coming! If they touch you, you enter a turnbased style battle.

    Monster Book
    While in context this really needs a better name... (suggestions?) This is a list much like what's found in the tales games that incorporates all of the things you've fought. It will range from the small, furry animals you hunt to bandits to zombie animals and people, giving you information like drops and stats.

    Skill Training
    Yes, that's right, levels don't count worth shit. You can level up skills by performing them (causing them to consume less EP and have a higher success rate) and stats by training them in special facilities, which will impact your skills and your abilities in battle. Your actual LEVEL will only impact your overall HP and EP levels.

    Time/Weather System
    The game relies heavily on time for some of its finer points, so there is an in-game time system. At the moment I'm thinking 1s=1m, but some feedback would help out. Certain events only occur at certain times during the day or on certain days of the week, and at night all available zombie forts lock down and you're stuck outside with the living dead if you aren't already at home.

    There is also a weather system for the sake of realism, with different percent chances for it to be sun, rain, or thunder storm on any day. I think this should impact EP consumption as well as success rates for outdoor skills like fishing. Opinions?

    Fire Emblem Style Avis
    I don't know about you, but a badly cropped face in a box doesn't do it for me. The avatars in this game go from the shoulders up so you ACTUALLY KNOW WHAT PEOPLE LOOK LIKE O.O WOW.

    On the note of somewhat inconsequential features, the music will not be crappy Midi files, but instead high quality shiz from Newgrounds.com used under the standard share alike CC liscense.

    Potential Features:

    Anything can be a weapon.
    Feel like throwing eggs at zombies? Go ahead! You might no get anywhere, but this homage to Dead Rising would be a fun feature.

    Clicking Interface
    By default the engine uses the arrow keys to move and other buttons to activate menus and such. This script (path finding included) would let you click your way around the maps instead.

    I want to have the entire game voiced over, but this will have to wait until I'm finished with rest of it because A: the script needs to be finalized and B: I'm going to need a LOT of DEDICATED voice actors, but this is for later consideration.

    The Team:
    Team member
    Project Leader/Writer/Artist/Concepts/Characters/ETC

    Development Screenies:

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