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    Most studios focus on one area of design, but Elaeon is new and unique. This studio contains numerous branches in online communities, videogames, and retail, all unique projects.Elaeon strives to create fun online communities for users of all ages, with unique concepts and art incorporated into our websites. We also try to make unique styles for retail, with interesting customizable graphics in our online store. Finally, we take on any reasonable project. From virtual petsites, to video games, to roleplaying forums, Elaeon applies it's efforts to diverse areas around the web.

    I spent a bit more quality time with the site builder and enhanced our studio site, while updating our project status and changing the look around here.

    Our contact page, instead of being a general feedback form, now has four different forms to fill out if you need to get in touch with our staff. The general feedback, a complaint form, a project proposition form, and staff applications, to make it easier on anyone interested.

    We also now have individual pages for many of our projects instead of small paragraphs, allowing more detail for each project.

    Hopefully things will pick up a bit from here!
    Category: Studio News | Views: 13347 | Added by: scyoni | Date: 2009/06/06 | Comments (11)

    Wow. We actually are in need of more people for the team! So, if anyone is interested, check out this page to apply for a staff position with Elaeon!

    Positions we're looking for:

    For Monster Mania exclusively:
    -creature details
    -world details

    For all projects:
    Programmer (PHP, preferably)
    -Videogame exp/stat/pricing
    -monster mania pricing
    -Zephyr item pricing
    Category: Studio News | Views: 2114 | Added by: scyoni | Date: 2009/02/14 | Comments (0)

    As of this morning, Elaeon is working on a new project:


    Zephyr is a roleplaying forum with a new twist- MONEY. You get points for posting or doing ingame jobs (automated!) and then you can buy items to outfit your roleplaying character, magic spells for them to learn, or special forum features like a glowing username. The plot is centered around a mysterious ancient song called 'Zephyr', about which there are many rumors but no proof- yet. When hints about what Zephyr is begin to emerge, what are you going to do?

    Keep coming back for updates on Zephyr and other Elaeon projects.
    Category: WIP news | Views: 1192 | Added by: scyoni | Date: 2009/02/08 | Comments (0)

    Okay. So we moved the site -again- but I think this is the last time. Things here look good, there's a minimum of ads used -as always- only to host the site. If you want to support our team, shop in the Elaeon stores and show your support on our forum.

    Everything is all set up now, so we have all of our projects listed in the right section and everything. We also have an empty section on the side, SITE FRIENDS. If any other websites want to partner link with us, that would be the place! So come forward and email us at elaeononline@yahoo.ca if you want to be a partner.

    For everyone else, welcome to Elaeon Studio Online. Feel free to join our forums and learn about our studio and its works!

    Category: Studio News | Views: 1151 | Added by: scyoni | Date: 2009/02/07 | Comments (0)

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